Lisa Framed

LJH Speech Pathology was founded by Dr Lisa Hudson in 2003. Lisa provides clinical speech pathology services directly to clients, and has also partnered with several highly regarded professionals to develop a quality suite of services and products that support the mission of enhancing speech, language and childhood development.

Lisa graduated from the University of Queensland in 1987 and completed her PhD in the field of Speech Pathology (Paediatric Neurology) in 1992. She has worked in several large Queensland Hospitals, tutored and lectured at the University of Queensland, worked as a sole Speech Pathologist in a large community centre, and spent time working in the icy climes of Canada as a school-based Speech Pathologist.

Lisa then found her personal and professional home in Toowoomba, where, from 1994 until early 2007, she initiated many innovative services and programs for Queensland Health in the fields of speech pathology, childhood development, health technology and telehealth. In 2003 she established her independent Speech Pathology Practice.

At Speech Pathology Toowoomba (located at 86 Alderley Street, Toowoomba) Lisa offers comprehensive assistance for infants, children and adolescents who have speech and language difficulties. Lisa has a particular interest and extensive experience in the area of fluency (stuttering) intervention for all age groups, including adults.

Lisa is passionate about extending her own knowledge as well as the skills and knowledge of others. Consequently, she has published extensively in journals and edited textbooks. She is a co-author of the Ezy-Speech program for adolescents and adults who stutter, and has also published  “The Smart Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Best Toys for Bright Kids” and “Kids’ Brain Boosters” .

All programs and services offered by LJH Speech Pathology promote Lisa’s philosophy that children and adults learn new skills best when they are “in the zone” having fun. Communication is also developed most effectively when all aspects of a person’s life are incorporated in their intervention program. In the clinic and throughout her online programs, Lisa promotes a relaxed, natural environment in which clients can attempt new challenges at their optimal level of ability.