Clinical Speech Pathology Services

Clinical speech pathology assessments and interventions are provided at Speech Pathology Toowoomba, 86 Alderley Street, Toowoomba.

Skype or Facetime sessions are available for rural and remote clients if their goals and intervention plan are deemed suitable for telehealth service delivery.

Some school-based appointments may also be available by negotiation.

To enquire about appointment availability, phone 4635 6696 or email

Additional Services

As a Speech Pathologist and Allied Health Professional, Lisa believes in the value of working with other professionals, and with the best evidence based technology available in order to best help the clients that she serves.  For that reason, she offers a range of additional resources, programs and services – see below for details.

To enquire further, phone 4638 8596 or 0448 547256, or email

Lifespan FundamentalsLF317 - Blog Header – is your “go to” source of quality, evidence-based information about a wide range of child development issues. Our free Podcast Series,Learning Made Easier’ provides practical information each week on how to provide positive learning experiences for children who may be experiencing some challenges.


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Home Program Help makes doing your home practice easier.

In order to achieve positive change, it is essential that your child practises the skills they need to develop often and with intensity – that means they need home practice in addition to any clinical sessions you’re receiving for best effect.

Research and experience tell us that greater results are achieved when the child is motivated to engage in learning activities that they perceive as pleasurable – fun rather than work.

Home Program Help has been designed to harness children’s natural strengths and interests in order to help them progress towards their goals in therapy.

Each program pack is filled with motivating games and activities that Lisa has designed along with her colleague, Julia Eggles, Occupational Therapist.

Home Program Help is available as the Classic Pack – 9 month comprehensive program; or as  three separate new 2 month Focus Packs that concentrate on the specific skill sets of:

  • Speaking Skills – Talking Plus
  • Attention & Memory – Attention, Memory & More
  • Learning Skills – The Three Rs


CogmedLogo Cogmed – Lisa completed her PhD in the field of paediatric neurology and has continued to learn about the complexities of the brain and how it controls our ability to function every day.

To assist clients to achieve their goals, Lisa has become an accredited coach for Cogmed Working Memory Training. Working Memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short period of time (seconds) and then use the information in your thinking and for responding to immediate demands.

Working Memory is essential for effective speech and language skills, literacy, numeracy, attention and concentration, planning and organisation, problem solving, and social interaction.

Cogmed is an evidence-based program for improving working memory, which was developed by Neuroscientists at the Stockholm Brain Institute, at Sweden’s renowned Karolinska Institute. Further information about Cogmed Working Memory training can be found at


EzySpeechLogo_v_smallEzy-Speech is an easy-to-follow stuttering treatment course that adolescents and adults can do in the comfort of their own home.

The home program is provided on DVD and via Skype sessions. Ezy-Speech teaches evidence-based smooth speech techniques and includes a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program, which is delivered by a Clinical Psychologist.

Ongoing fluency support is provided at the conclusion of the formal program. The Ezy-Speech Program can be purchased directly by people who stutter, and by Speech Pathologists for use in the clinic.

bktg-new-ecoverThe Smart Parent’s Guide: Lisa has a passion for play and toys but recognises that getting value for money in a crowded toy market can be difficult to achieve.

Each child has different needs, likes and dislikes so Lisa and Julia Eggles, Occupational Therapist, developed a unique system for finding the toys that suit your child best.

The Smart Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Best Toys for Bright Kids helps you choose toys your kids will love, explore and learn with – they’ll be learning and having a blast. It’s easy to do!

Take just a few minutes to follow the guide’s straightforward and unique system and you will see what to use and how to use it to best effect for your child’s learning and development in all areas.